The Japanese Society of Child Neurology

Request for assignment of copyrights on previously published articles in Brain & Development

Last Update:Apr. 4, 2019

Dear Members and Authors of Brain & Development,

Brain & Development Editorial Board under the Japanese Society of Child Neurology ("JSCN") has published `Brain & Development` since its launch in 1979. We deeply appreciate your cooperation and contribution to its publication.

JSCN has decided to start an electronic archiving project through ScienceDirect®, a full-text database produced by Elsevier, for all articles published in Brain & Development. This project aims to digitize all articles and make them available through the ScienceDirect® website. By the Japanese copyright law, it is required that JSCN obtains approval or assignment of copyrights including reproduction rights defined under Article 21 of Japanese Copyright Law and public transmission rights defined under Article 23 of Japanese Copyright Law, of the articles for this project. With regard to the articles published in Brain & Development after 1993, the guide for authors currently in-place has clearly defined assignment of copyrights; therefore they have already been digitized and are available through Science Direct®. With regard to the articles from 1979 through 1992, assignment of copyrights for the purpose of electronic archiving was not clearly defined in the guide for authors applicable during this period. Thus the articles have neither been electronically archived, nor are available through ScienceDirect®.

In order to proceed with this project, assignment of copyrights of all articles need to be confirmed. Therefore, for the purpose of digitizing the entire Brain & Development archive, JSCN hereby requests to assign to JSCN the reproduction rights and the public transmission rights in connection with the articles published in Brain & Development from 1979 through 1992. If you are not willing to approve this request made herein and/or should readers/members have any inquiries and comments regarding this matter, please contact Brain & Development Office at the address written below via e-mail, or post mail at the latest by March 31, 2014. Upon receiving a request for exclusion from this project, the referred article(s) will be withheld from the electronic archiving project.

Brain & Development Office
c/o The Japanese Society of Child Neurology
Neo Meditopia 4F
8-16 Yochomachi, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 162-0055 Japan

In cases whereby JSCN is not thus contacted, this project is carried out as though permission has been granted by the copyright holders. In addition, authors remain allowed to use the materials for their research purposes without seeking prior permission of JSCN. Please also be advised that JSCN remains open for future discussion in case authors request to exclude an article even after this project is completed.

Members and Authors' understanding and cooperation on this matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your contribution to this project.

Respectfully yours,

Katsuhiro Kobayashi
Brain & Development